Mastering Memory
Mastering Memory

Memory Bricks are a motivating way to teach memory strategies

Memory Bricks are a pleasure to hold and are a kinaesthetic learning activity

They can be used for sequential or spatial memory activities

They are a teaching tool which needs adult supervision

Memory Bricks can be used with children from 2 years old and are suitable for primary school age pupils and those with special needs

Each set contains 40 bricks which are carefully graded according to different levels of perception and vocabulary

An explanation teaching manual is included

Memory Bricks Manual

To use Memory Bricks the teacher takes 2/3/4/5 bricks and makes a sequence. The student looks at them and then makes his/her own version from memory with his/her own bricks. The two sets are then compared. The number remembered or the sequential complexity is not the most crucial point. The discussion of the technique and the strategy used to memorise the sequence is the learning process for the child not whether the result is right or wrong. It has been found that traditional training in memory is not always sufficient to develop good memory skills. It may be necessary to discuss the process involved and the strategies used in order to allow the learner to develop his/her own memory. Without this conscious discussion, improvements in memory may not be transferred from teaching and therapy sessions to everyday situations. With this teaching, strategies can be used for all subjects and can be developed and adapted by the learner

There are four levels of difficulty:

Blue: single objects (the easiest level)
Green: objects which are all in the same topic/semantic category
Red: objects which are orientated in different ways, e.g. an animal may face to the right or left, hence memory load is increased
Yellow: most difficult level, orientation, size and colour vary.

Although these are bricks they are NOT toys and must always be used under adult supervision. The stickers can be peeled off if a child is not supervised. 

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